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Nordic Choice Hotels (until December 2010 known as Choice Hotels Scandinavia) is one of the largest hotel companies in Scandinavia with 200 hotels in Scandinavia and the Baltics and over 16,500 employees. The Norwegian company is 100% owned by Petter Stordalen through his company Strawberry Group. In 2006 Torgeir Silseth became CEO for the Nordic Choice Hotels Group.

Lori mentioned in a review, "I was left to sleep in my car a few blocks from the hotel that was holding funds amounting to 2 nights stays plus 3 nights of incidentals and I never reserved nor stated a single night at the hotel. I went In to the hotel to book a room for the night using my Choice rewards. I was having difficulties with the website. I explained I wanted to use points, she asked how many people, how many nights (1, 1) then asked for my card and ID. She took them and then handed me the paper agreeing to Rate/no pets/no smoking. I did not sign because I said I was paying with points. She said she didn’t know how to do points so she had given me a 10% discount. I told her to refund my card and I would handle it some other way. She called her manager who told her how to do the cancellation and she handed me a paper. I went out to my car, called guest relations and they actually ended up booking me a room at another Choice hotel on points after adding some because I only had enough for a lesser hotel. All went well that night and it became necessary for me to stay a second night so I checked my bank to make sure I had adequate funds and found that I had 3 separate hold on my card and less than enough for a single room left available. I called reservations who were nice But could do nothing about the charges but offered to make a reservation and said I could contact guest relations and he was sure they would get it take care he started going through the standard speech where I was told that once the reservation was made that it could not be cancelled or refunded, blah blah. I stopped him because if they didn’t handle it, I wouldn’t have any money to get home. I told him I would prefer to clear up the situation and then make the reservation. So I then called guest relations...held for almost 30 minutes, explained what had happened, held about 15 more minutes whilst they figured out what could be done and then was told, they couldn’t see the charges on their end so it was an issue for my bank. So I called my bank who could not release it because it had come from the hotel and had not been released by the hotel. I talked to the lady at the desk of the hotel I was at and she suggested I call the hotel directly because the hotel could release the charges. She assured me they could because her hotel can and they were not Comfort Suites. I got to the other hotel and the manager who had been called the night before was on duty. I explained what was happening, she told me they had done no charges, had submitted the cancellation and that I would simply have to wait for the release to be processed. I explained that there was not just the one hold but a second and she refused to listen until I showed her on my phone. She then took my phone and showed her “auditor” then she brought me a paper showing what she said was the charges they made and the reversals but nothing matched the monies being held. She also said she would ask the auditor to speed up the release but couldn’t promise anything and she also said that Choice couldn’t see what she saw regarding the charges so they were wrong to have told me it was released previously. So...I called guest relations back held for over 30 minutes, explained the situation again and explained that I really needed a room for that night because it was more that an 8 hour drive back home and I had no funds because of this situation. I was put on hold and then got disconnected. I called again, held about 20 minutes, had to tell my story again and then was told that all I could do was email the information to and wait for them to figure it out because she didn’t show any charges of any kind... I gave her the cancellation number from the paper and she said that was the wrong name so I went back into the hotel and the manager printed me the correct one..emailed all screen shots and documentation along with a digital “receipt” from the hotel in an amount that was still different from all of the other amounts that I had and waited....heard nothing, had to sleep in the car, still nothing, drove home yesterday and today the charges were reversed but I’ve heard not one thing from Choice except to receive 2 “You are such a valued customer that we invite you to sign up for a Choice Privileges credit card” emails. I think I’ll pass."


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Former Employee - Breakfast Ambassador says

"They cut our wages to do it"


"Poor work environment, poor salary, contract for long time"

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"I worked at the Comfort Hotel when it first opened, it was a terrible place to work. Management were shockingly bad, a lot of back stabbing among them. Terrible pay for the work load. If you can find employment elsewhere I would advise doing so."

Cozinheiro nivel 2 (Former Employee) says

"Falta lider....falta oportunidade extrema cobrança.RefeiçaoSem beneficios"

Bar Person/Waiter (Former Employee) says

"Do what you're told. And what you're not told to do but were meant to anyway. You're going to work harder than it's worth, and there's little extra benefit. It doesn't mean you'll be given more hours (it's all zero hour, min wage contracts) and it doesn't mean anything towards progression either."

Directeur d'exploitation (Former Employee) says

"Un très beau challenge m'attendait sur cet établissement; De très importants travaux et de la formation d'équipe. Mais le manque de volonté, d'expériences, de connaissances de l'équipe et de la gestion mêlés à une opposition systémique et systématique n'amènent aucun intérêts.rientout"

Gouvernante Générale (Former Employee) says

"Entreprise correcte dans l'ensemble bien situé dans Paris 11eme .Remboursement carte orangeChambre petites"

Middlesex - Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"A typical day was very busy and it was a shift based role. My co-workers were great and we were always helping each other out wherever possible."

Gerente Operacional (Former Employee) says

"Trabalhava no Hotel, supervisionando todos os setores como: Restaurante, Cozinha, Manutenção, Recepção e Governança. Além de contratação, avaliava as metas da empresa sempre buscando a qualidade dos serviços."

auxilia de manutenção (Former Employee) says

"uma empresa muto bom para trabalha ,gostei de esta no grupo desa empresa do hotel comfort"

Køkkenmedhjælper (Former Employee) says

"Lige meget hvordan det er, det jeg mest ville arbejde er 'pakning'"

Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"Duties include dealing with customer enquiries, taking bookings via telephone, inputting bookings from other websites. Taking payments and cash handling. General Admin duties faxing, filing, photocopying. Updating availability and prices. Arranging transport for customers. Taking conference/ function booking enquiries. Serving breakfast and dinner in the restaurant as well as serving in the bar. Setting up for functions and serving during functions/ conferences any other duties or services dinner and breakfastno breaks, long hours"

RECEPTIONIST (Former Employee) says

"The hotel had regular customers hence building and maintaining good relationships was essential and at the base of the company. This role required preserving a friendly and positive attitude throughout and more importantly enhanced endurance due to long shifts, emphasising on hard work. Responsibilities included handling all reservations made by telephone and online, welcoming customers, carrying out all the check in and check out processes, making sure all residents received any requested items and ensured all complaints were responded to and resolved promptly.Free lunchesLong hours"

Réceptionniste, Assistante Direction (Former Employee) says

"La directrice a su rapidement me former sur tous les postes afférents à ma mission: Accueil et gestion de la clientèle (nuit et week-end) Administration, retour d'informations, enregistrement d'informations sur logiciels spécifiques, reporting.Travail multitâches en grande autonomieParfois difficile de gérer les accueils de nuit et horaires décalés"

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